Audition Information

Our 2020 Audition Deadline has passed HOWEVER there are still additional opportunities to join the band!

We still have various sections to fill throughout the band!

If you would like to inquire about submitting a late audition please email us at

If you have an extension card, your auditions will be accepted until January 31, 2020


Audition Instructions:

1. View your Audition Music PDF by clicking the button below with the instrument you play.


It is recommended that the auditionee listen to the excerpts through performance recordings for ideas about musical interpretation, in addition to technical practice. Additionally, working with a private teacher or band director is highly encouraged. 

2. Film your audition video and uploaded it as an UNLISTED YouTube video with the title being:

              LastName, FirstName. Sousa2020Audition(Instrument)

                      ex. Ferris, Meghan. Sousa2020Audition(FrenchHorn)

**Please make sure that your are visible in your video. If you submit just an audio file with a blank video, we may not be able to accept your audition. 

3. Fill out the audition registration at the bottom of this page and pay the $20 audition fee. 

              **Note: All auditions must be uploaded to YouTube with a link posted on the registration form.

NOTE TO PERCUSSIONISTS: You must record ALL percussion materials in one video. Separate videos per instrument may not be accepted.

If you are interested in CONTRA-ALTO CLARINET, please use the baritone saxophone audition music

Audition Music