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A Brief History of the Band


The John Philip Sousa National High School Honor Band was formed in 1981 and met biannually for over twenty years under the direction of Col. John R. Bourgeois, former conductor of “The President’s Own” United States Marine Band of Washington, D.C. The group met for many years in Washington, D.C. and also in New Orleans, Louisiana.


The members of the Board of Directors of the John Philip Sousa Foundation are pleased to be able to offer the event once again. Students who will be in grades 9 - 12 in September of 2021 from all fifty states and territories of the United States of America are invited to audition for this honor band.

The Sousa Foundation

The John Philip Sousa Foundation is a non-profit foundation dedicated to the promotion of international understanding through the medium of band music. Through the administration of band related projects, the foundation seeks to uphold the standards and ideals of that icon of the American spirit, John Philip Sousa.

The name Sousa is synonymous with bands, and bands are bridges which connect the music and culture of all strata of our society. And no type of music better typifies the spirit of America throughout the world than do the stirring strains of a Sousa march.

The foundation administrates band-related projects such as:

   The Sousa National High School Honors Band
   The Sousa National Community Band
   The Sudler Trophy
   The Sudler Flag
   The Sudler Cup, Shield and Scroll
   The Legion of Honor
   The Historic Roll of Honor
   The Historical Marker project
   National Young Artist Solo Competition

The Sousa Foundation seeks to uphold both the standards and the ideals of that icon of the American spirit, John Philip Sousa.

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